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Facts & Figures

The Owner : H.E. Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen

The Developer : MED LLC Dubai

The Architect : Pininfarina Extra
The Designer : Amédée Santalo & Pininfarina Extra

Project Manager : Amédée Santalo
Beguinning of the project : 2016

Where ?  Africa

The height ?  650 m

Foot print ? 16 foot ball fields (200 m Radius)

Living space : 141'000 m2

We did not want to beat any records with Vortex Tower except when it comes to simplicity and elegance.

One line that we multiplied by 7 around a vertical axis.

We used the Golden Ration to proportion the tower to insure its natural beauty.

The position of the tower

2015 - The Idea

The Concept & Design
by Amédée Santalo


2016 - The work

Design & Architecture 
by Pininfarina Extra

2017 - The surrounding

Concept & Design of the master plan by Amédée Santalo

2018 - Investigations

Land investigation in East Africa

Incresing our team

Roadshow, introduction of the concept to governments

2019 - Expecting to start the project

The year of project start

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